Learning Which Are The Cities With Best Air Quality

In June of 2008 it was reported that the top 5 cities with the best air quality in the world were as follows: number one is Zurich in Switzerland then the second through fifth were the four following cities: Vienna in Austria and Geneva in Switzerland both showed 107.9 points to come at second and third. The fourth of the top five cities with the best air quality is Vancouver Canada. Ultimately, the fifth of the five cities with the best air quality is Auckland, New Zeeland. The rating system that these five cities were graded by was Mercer Consulting. After the fifth city of Auckland, there were three consecutive German cities with the best air quality. The three German cities are Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt. Baghdad is the lowest ordered city on the list of cities with best air quality.

In the UK, while London ranged at 38 both Birmingham and Glasgow were together at 56. In the United States of America Honolulu ranked at 28.

Mercer Consulting established the scale on a point-by-point scoring indicator. This point by point scoring had Zurich 108.0 points while Baghdad merely scored 13.5 points. The cities were all based on with a comparison with New York with an index score of 100 points. This quality of live scale rates 215 cities around the world. The scale is used by different companies to position employees in cities for international assignments.

On the North American continent, the list was dominated by Canadian cities including Montréal rated at 22 up to Vancouver ranked at 4. After Honolulu, ranked 28 in the United States of America the U.S. cities fall to New York ranged at 49.

In Central and Southern Latin America San Juan, Puerto Rico is the highest rated at 72 only to fall as far as Port au Prince in Haiti ranged 202.

European cities pretty much ruled the scale with Zurich in Switzerland ranked number one overall finish at Minsk in Belarus at 183. Switzerland and Germany are both presented in the top ten general rankings with 3 cities from every country. Switzerland had Zurich ranked number one and Geneva ranked along with Vienna in Austria both grading 107.9 points. You can tell that Switzerland has got the top two rated cities with best air quality.

In the middle east and Africa Cape Town ranged at 80 and the cities in the Middle East and Africa with best air quality dropped all the way to the lowest with Baghdad, which was rated as the worse at 215.

The Asia Pacific region of the world initiated with Auckland in New Zeeland that was ranged at five and went as far down as Jakarta which was ranked 146.