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Ideas For Green Christmas Gifts

You shouldn’t be stuck thinking up ideas for green Christmas gifts. In that respect are indeed numerous diverse ways to do superb and interesting gifts and ornaments practicing existing stuffs, or things that are available and low-cost to get. Ideas for green christmas presents are usually only defined by your imagination, so begin imagining!

Winter & Christmas Gift Basket

Gift baskets are popular and are easily fixed as well, and one of the most gratifying ideas for green Christmas gifts. The basket can be recycled from a cardboard box, reduced to size and figure as desired, and wrapped in something fresh. The artwork that your kids make in school or at home is perfect for wrapping gift baskets. If you can’t find enough old ones, have them make few brand-new ones. Any left over artwork can be cut up and placed in the bottom of the basket to provide a desirable ragged fundament for the gifts.

The gifts that fill the gift baskets can be anything. Still, some of the nicer ideas for green Christmas gifts are things like homemade jams, homemade cookies, and homemade maple candy, which can be cut into Christmas forms. Some other ideas for green Christmas presents for your gift baskets can be made by your children. An aluminum drinks can painted, or covered in an old photo or some sort of artwork makes a marvelous pen holder. A sturdy shoe box, if fitly decorated, can become an irresistible treasure box. Your kids will enjoy creating these ideas for green Christmas gifts.

Clay ornamentations are easy to form and are definitely environmentally friendly ideas for green Christmas gifts. You can form the clay dough with flour, salt and water in proportions of two shares flour to one part salt and one share water. Combine well together and knead for at least 10 min, then roll and cut down to figure. You can use existing cookie cutters, or find more inventive for greater results.


You may want to poke a hole in every ornament before baking them to make it easy for hanging. Fix the hole wider than you want as it will shrink during baking. Then bake the ornamentations in an oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately an hour and a half. These first-class ideas for green Christmas gifts can be dressed in hundreds of unique glamourous ways and will look truly great as well.

Themes for green Christmas gifts are all around you. They will save you money and aid to save the environment. In that fashion you will recognize that you are performing your bit for the planet. Christmas is a Christian celebration, but individuals of different faiths also experience the importance of being green and saving priceless resources and money. As the Dalai Lama stated : “We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home.”