Fuel Cells for Small Household Appliances

Fuel cell research and technology has come a long way specially when you regard that they have developed an alternative energy source for small household appliances such as cameras, camcorders, and laptop computers. Cellphones can also use fuel cell power as can vacuum cleaners, coffee pots, and microwaves. It can be impressive when you think about it!


Developing fuel cells for small household appliances could be the origin of a major development in brand-new portable power applications for household gadgets. Because fuel cells are small and light, they can apply consumers an comfort of use never thought of before. The fuel-cell vacuum cleaner would be lighter than standard units, almost noise-free and, most importantly, be free of a power electric cord. It gives consumers a chance towards an unexampled level of freedom and ease of use.
This might not be what fuel-cell gurus had in mind when they started adopting the green benefits of utilizing fuel cells to move automobiles and even entire houses. Car manufacturers, energy companies and others are actively engaging those fields, but the potential is seen as a decade or more away. Operating small household appliances on fuel-cells are a niche with medium-term benefit potential one that the company developing the vacuum cleaner fuel cell earlier tapped into when it unveiled a fuel-cell bike.
Fuel cells are like batteries except that instead of calling for a reload they run off a fuel. The cleanest form is hydrogen, which lets out zero pollutants. Using methanol or even gasoline to develop hydrogen would not be as clean, but would still be a big improvement over internal combustion engines. Thats why using fuel cells to run small household appliances could be the wave of the future day.
The fuel-cell vacuum cleaner, for example, habits hydrogen housed in a unit corresponding to a propane container, just much more reinforced. The unit is anticipated to provide 1,000 watts of power. Working time will be one to two hours, depending on the final size of the container. The hydrogen container can be refilled in seconds with a quick connect/disconnect feature. Should it ever be mass produced, vacuum cleaner companies could use its client service network to deliver refilled hydrogen bottles to customers.
What about other small household appliances that can be operated on fuel cells? Well, if it uses a electric battery or electricity, it can practice a fuel cell. Consumers should take note of this and understand that only because we’ve practiced electric batteries for years, that doesn’t mean in that respect aren’t other power generators out there that will suit our dynamic needs. Fuel cells are the roll of the future day – get ready for them!