Alternative Fuel Vehicles

There is a rising trend toward pushing people to use newborn alternative fuels to power their vehicles. Alternative fuel burns cleaner, is more positive for the environment, and, in numerous cases, can be cheaper than gas. But not precisely any car will go on alternative fuels. The engine must be made in a different manner to adapt to the other substance that it will be running on.


Almost all major car companies have passed over right to the alternative fuel bandwagon by constructing an assortment of vehicles projected especially to run on alternative fuel. They are called, naturally, alternative fuel vehicles or AFVs for short. Some vehicles are strictly planned and developed to work on nothing but alternative fuel while others can move on either gas or alternative fuel making them a hybrid car.
As of 2006, here is a listing of some of the alternative fuel or green vehicles manufactured by some of the major car companies:
Honda Insight
Honda Accord Hybrid
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Series
Dodge Stratus Sedan
Dodge Durango SUV
Dodge Caravan Minivan
Ford Taurus
Ford F-150 Pickup
Ford Escape SUV
GM Impala
Chevrolet Silverado 4 x 2
Chevrolet Tahoe SUV
Chevy Yukon SUV
Nissan Titan Pickup
Toyota Highlander SUV
Toyota Prius

And these are truly merely a few of the alternative fuel vehicles that are on the market. There are more and more being designed and manufactured every day. Big car companies know that the wave of the future day is going to be towards environmental friendliness when it comes to a persons vehicle. Thats why their inventing of so many alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles is a large piece of their business plans these days.
Now, you should know that even though it is a great idea to purchase an alternative fuel vehicle these days, you will have to pay more money to do so. Alternative fuel vehicles run anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 more than a normal gasoline car. Thats why many countries put up great bonuses for those individuals who possess alternative fuel vehicles.

Hey America remember this????

For Instance, California, Florida, and Texas have allowed alternative fuel vehicles freedoms when it concerns shifting. These places have commuting or high occupancy lanes that grant automobiles with a certain number of individuals in them to practice them. If you possess an AFV, you can be in this lane even if you are by yourself.
The Federal Government also offers a tax break to those people who have bought an alternative fuel vehicle in the year 2006. For numerous, that is an magnificent tax advantage and well worthy the investment in buying an alternative fuel vehicle.