Electric Car Battery Box

If you are taking the act to convert your petrol powered car into an electric car, you will need to have a solid battery box to storage your batteries in. Depending on the count of batteries you will have in your brand-new electric car, most of them will be located in the rear part of the passenger compartment.

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The intention of an electric car battery box is to keep exhaust fumes from getting into the passenger compartment when the batteries are charging up and to protect occupants of the car in an accident. The box also maintains the batteries warm in cold weather condition. There is normally limited blank space in the front end of the car which is why an electric car battery box is stored in the back of the vehicle.

If you are making your own electric car battery box, you need to form it big enough to bear most of your batteries comfortably. Mounted on the side should be an detonation proof brushless fan that vents the box when the batteries are filing. The fan is wired in series with the fan in the battery charger so when the battery charger is connected the battery box fan is on. A marine grade ventilation bilge hose is attached to the fan and routed to the vent on the bottom of the car.


The battery box for your electric car should be constructed of marine grade plywood and painted with water repelling paint. Metal banding requires to be secured around the box so the weight of the batteries will not break the box apart in an accident.
The electric car battery box will then be securely pasted with bolts to the frame of the car. For comfort of installation the box should match into the trunk. Still, with close preparation, some cutting, and a little welding, the electric car battery box can be settled into the floor of the trunk to regain storage space. Before the batteries are put in, a layer of sodium bicarbonate should be spread on the floor of the box and the air bags in the coil springs require to be stuffed with air.
If you are attempting your personal conversion from a petrol car to an electric car, making the battery box for your electric car needs to have special attention paid to it. This is where your power will be rising from, and you need to be confident that nothing happens to it.

Electric Car Conversion Kits

There are numerous spots that you can get electric car conversion kits. What is an electric car conversion kit? Well, it is a set of equipment and parts that will grant you to fix your gasoline powered car into an electric car. Many specialty auto places have electric car conversion kits or you can find them promptly on hand on-line.

New look under the hood

You will introductory have to make sure enough that possessing an electric car will suit your needs. Before you run out and spend a lot of money on an electric car conversion kit, you will need to be certain that an electric car will operate with your life-style. There are lots of things to study before you go green.

The standard conversion for an electric car has a realistic reach of 30 to 100 miles in casual driving circumstances counting on the type of electric batteries you possess and the weight of the vehicle. If your commute is more then 35 miles one way in very hilly terrain an electric car may not be good idea. Yet, if your commute is on ordinary terrain and is roughly 20 miles each way an electric car is perfect. If you are a two car family and one car is commonly practiced for short trips you may desire to take an electric car.

You will need to have comfortable access to be able to charge your car. When you charge up an electric car, you will plug it in at night and then be good to go in the morning. Do you have an suitable electric outlet in or nearby your garage? If so, then an electric car will be very good for you.

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Do you possess the fitting instruments to build an electric car? With conversion kits purchasable now most people with basic hand and power tools can perform the process themselves. Many jobs can be contracted out such as welding. The only specific tools you will need are a torque wrench, cable crimpers, and an engine crane; all of which can be rented.
Still, if you aren’t truly good with engines and auto-mechanic, once you receive your electric car conversion kit, you may desire to contract the services of an versed automobile mechanic. These people know all the component parts of a car and are capable to accurately detect where changes need to be made in order to convert your vehicle to an electric car.
Once you know that you want to do the convert, go out and buy your electric car conversion kit. And So, one time it’s done, you will know that you are your part for the environment as well as for yourself!

New Electric Car Batteries

Electric cars work on batteries anywhere from 12 to 24 of them underneath the cap. When it arrives time for fresh batteries, they are actually promptly available. The batteries habituated to run an electric car are similar to those used to power cells and even those small vehicles that kids like to drive around the yard. Fetching new batteries for your electric car shouldn’t be a problem when the time comes.

Electric Powered Miata

The reality is that electric car batteries last for quite a long time, so getting new ones wont have to happen for quite a long time. When you do have to get new batteries for your electric car, you can expect to pay around $2,000 to $5,000 for them depending on the make and model of your electric car.

Some batteries have memories in them and if you don’t run them out before charging them, they lose some of their potency. Be completely aware of how much electricity you have left before you go to plug in for a re-charge. You may find yourself having to buy new batteries for your electric car before you really want to.

The electric car industry is always coming up with new battery technology that can help power your vehicle longer and charge faster. Its only a matter of time before that technology will allow you to drive your car further before a charge. Thats good news for people who are electric car enthusiasts. Right now, the general range is around one hundred miles per charge. Its entirely possible that by the year 2010, you’ll be able to drive an electric car over 200 miles on new batteries.

The Open Road

When the time does come to get new batteries for your electric car, you can rest assured that you will be able to recycle almost the entire battery. Electric car batteries are 95 percent recyclable. You have an electric car, most likely, because you want to do something good for the environment and give yourself some relief from the ridiculous price of gasoline. Well, being able to recycle an electric car battery before you buy new ones, you can have peace of mind and a new source of power!

Choose the best type of battery for your need when you are buying new batteries for your electric car. Get the best battery you can find for the money and rest assured that you are doing your part both for the environment as well as for yourself!

Electric Car Conversions

If you have got a petrol guzzling vehicle and are interested in making the conversion of it over to an electric car, trust it or not, you can actually perform it! There are conversion kits that can make a gas powered vehicle into an electric car, but doing it isn’t an easy task. You will need to get the services of an experienced mechanic to assist you make the changeover over to an electric car.

Electric Car Conversion 1

You see, there are many elements of a gas powered car that can be modified to allow it to become electric. In order to do this changeover, you will require specific pieces that will allow those parts to go solely on electric power. This just isn’t a do-it-yourself task. Unless, of course, you yourself are a experient car-mechanic!

If you are interested in making the changeover from a gas car to an electric car, you might want to know some of the advantages of doing this. First, if you have an all-electric car, your power derives from electric batteries that store electricity to operate the motor that is corresponding to a standardised vehicle. You load the batteries at nighttime and then you’re good to go in the morning.

A gasoline car changeover over to an electric car will allow you to experience that you aren’t releasing bad pollutants into the air that can do damage to the environment. Vehicles are responsible for some 80 pct of the pollution in our world, and that contamination is using up the ozonosphere and contributing to global warming.

Sign of the Times

Once you do the conversion from gasoline to electric car, you will find out that you aren’t actually making many concessions and that you will be earning a great deal more than you will be losing. A major drawback of a completely electric car is that you will only be in condition to drive roughly a hundred miles before the electric charge runs out. Yet, most people don’t drive a great deal more than that in an standard day, so merely keep an eye on your electricity gauge and drive on!

You can as well do a conversion from gas to electric car by doing your car a hybrid electric car. A hybrid electric car is one that runs in the first place on electrical energy just as well offers a secondary power generator with gas or even another alternative fuel. While not entirely discharge free, if you think you have to drive more than a hundred miles a day, this type of changeover can give you a huge piece of mind.

If you want to make the conversion from gas to electric, by all means, make your car what you want it to be. Your environment thanks you!

Electric Car Invented

Trust it or not, the electric car was invented a long, long time ago. In 1900, electric cars outsold both gasoline and steam vehicles because electric cars didn’t make the vibration, noise and dirtiness associated with gasoline vehicles.

Buddy Electric Car

But soon afterward – with the find of Texas fossil oil that minimized the monetary value of gas, the invention of the electric starter in 1912 that eliminated the need for a hand starter, and the mass production of internal burning engine vehicles by Henry Ford – the electric vehicle went the way of the horse and buggy.
Back in the early 1920s when vehicles were turning more frequent, gasoline was really expensive. It also was difficult to start a gas engine; you had to turn and turn and twist a crank in frontal of the automobile to bring it to start.
They did not have a key to start the automobile like we perform nowadays. Gasoline vehicles were besides noisy and published a great deal of smoke. The automobiles either had no silencers, or the silencers didn’t do a full job. So, electric vehicles were a big hit. At one time there were 50,000 of them on the roads and streets of the United States.
So when the electric car was invented, it appeared to be the wave of the future and that was hundreds of years ago! Now that we have gone into the 21st century, another electric cars are being made up that have become a new wave of the future day.

Horsehead Nebula and Flaming Tree nebula to the North

Completely electric cars make absolutely no pollution and are environmentally-friendly like never before. Many car companies have manufactured hybrid electric cars that can grant you longer traveling time by allowing you to exchange from complete electric power to gas power. While not as entirely pollution free, this type of electric car was manufactured for those people who wanted to travel long distances but didn’t want to drive a totally gasoline powered vehicle.

As soon as the modern-day electric car was invented, it started a buzz among those who are passionate about the surroundings and preserving our world and healthy. Only numerous of the big car companies are seeing that creating the auto and meeting the demanding safety criteria of the U.S. government has been problematical.

Ever since the electric car was invented, it appeared to be the response to lots of peoples prayers. The electric car is environmentally friendly and can satisfy the requires of the ordinary individual really rather easy.

Ford Electric Car

While the Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, they have long been unwilling to get into the electric car market. However, they did invent, commercialise, and sell an electric car in an effort to fill the consumer requires for a cleaner car that will raise less contamination and emit no greenhouse gases. Ford replied with their own variation of the electric car.

1950 Ford F-1 Pickup 2

The Think City electric car was produced by Ford some years ago, and numerous individuals took advantage of this pollution free, energy efficient vehicle. However, the United States has very rigorous standards when it arrives to the safety of the vehicles on Americas roads. Unfortunately, the Think City electric car didnt meet those rigorous standards so Ford gave up production and actually crushed the automobiles when they were given back at the end of customers leases. There are still some Think City cars out there, but they are no longer being marketed by Ford.

Ford has, even so, started researching and fulfillinhttp://www.ecofriendlymind.com/wp-admin/tools.phpg the production of hybrid electric cars that go mostly on electric battery force and possess the ability to switch to gasoline power. In fact, there are numerous of these electric vehicles on the road nowadays. Ford is a leader in the industry and they didnt want to limit their production of electric vehicles to only cars. You can now discover electric Ford motortrucks, SUVs, and mini-vans.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Electric cars built by Ford are nowadays mostly of the hybrid version, but there also are Ford brand electric cars that you can see abroad. Because different states dont have got as strict safety standards, individuals in countries like England and France have accepted the advantages of the electric car and are driving them en masse.

Numerous people are disappointed that Ford has made the move from a totally electric car to a hybrid vehicle, but without being able to fulfill safety criteria, the companys hands essentially were tied. It wasnt cost-efficient for them to take the electric cars already on the road and fit the determined standards, thus they had to do what they could to fulfill the requirements of their customers for a more environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Being an manufacture leader in the car area, Ford is doing what they can to satisfy the requests of their clients for an electric car. Perhaps in the future day, a fully electric car with the Ford name on it is possible. But for now, Ford fanciers will have to settle down for hybrid versions.

Electric Car Facts

When it comes to one of the freshest developments in the vehicle industry electric cars the facts about them are plentiful and easy to come by. This innovative alternative to standard gasoline powered automobiles has numerous people really thrilled about being capable to have reliable transportation without damaging the environment. So what are the facts about electric cars?

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First, there are many types of electric cars you can choose from, only all of them apply an electric motor that moves on batteries that you recharge. The more electric batteries you have, the longer you can force your automobile. Electric cars come in all different sizes and performances. They are aerodynamically more effective than gasoline powered cars because electrical energy stored chemically is lighter than electricity stored electrically.

Another very advantageous fact about electric cars is that they emit nearly no greenhouse gases into the air and so run much, much cleaner than numerous other vehicles. Greenhouse Emissions add to the depletion of the ozonosphere that has led to global warming. Electric cars that function on electric batteries alone create zero pollution at all and thus are very environmentally friendly.

How distant can you drive on an electric cars electric charge? The amazing fact is that electric cars can commonly go for around a hundred miles before needing a charge. The electric batteries mostly demand all-night charge and there is a gauge that can tell you how much power you have remaining. They are absolutely fine for city driving and those who dont have to go long distances on a regular basis.

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This following fact about electric cars may amaze you I know it did me! Some individuals believe that an electric car cant go very quick. But the fact is that electric cars have been timed at over one hundred miles per hour and can go from zero to that in fewer than nine seconds! This is because electric motors feature a really high torsion which grants them to accelerate rapidly and move faster.

There are many more facts to be discovered about electric cars such as their monetary value, their range, their availability, and their gains. Discovering these facts is simple. If you are thinking about purchasing an electric car, do your inquiry and find one that fits your lifestyle. Most car companies produce at the least a hybrid type of electric car that goes on both gasoline and electricity, but you can also find whole electric cars if you know where to look. Merely pull in the facts and then get on the electric car bandwagon. You may just notice you like it there!

Electric Car

Believe it or not, electric cars have been around for a really long time. In the early 1900s, there were more electric cars than there were gasoline-powered cars. Back in the early 1920s when vehicles were getting more popular, gas was really high-priced.

GranPrix 1900 la emoción

It also was problematic to start a gasoline engine; you had to turn and turn and turn a crank in front of the automobile to get it to go. There was no key to start the car like we own today.

Gasoline vehicles were also noisy and put out lots of smoke. The cars either possessed no silencers, or the mufflers didn’t perform a good job. Thus, electric vehicles were a master score. At one time there were 50,000 of them on the roads and streets of the United States.
But electric cars soon faded away alike the horse-drawn carriage. Some Other ways to make gas cheaply were being discovered. A new innovation named an electric starter was built. It started an electric car with a key alternatively of a crank. A gasoline car could go much longer than an electric one. Therefore, gasoline-powered vehicles soon grew the main method of carrying people.
Nowadays that there is a force for cleaner green cars, electricity is once again being anticipated as a manner to serve keep down greenhouse gases discharged into the air by gasoline and electric cars could be one of the answers to this problem.

Mourning Cloak

Electric cars don’t burn gasoline in an engine. They utilize electrical energy stored on the car in batteries. Sometimes, 12 or 24 batteries, or more, are necessary to power the car. Exactly like a remote-controlled, model electric car, electric cars have an electric motor that turns the wheels and a electric battery to move that motor.

To charge an electric cars batteries, the car is commonly plugged in at nighttime. Some electric cars can plug straight into a standard electric wall outlet. Others require a bigger electrical outlet, like the kind that a cooking stove or electrical clothes dryer plug into. Electricity, is then stored in the batteries of the car.
The batteries can be head acid batteries, like the batteries you notice in our flashlight or in customary gasoline cars. Or they can be ni-cad (nickel-cadmium) like the form that run portable video recorders or a portable video game player — but a great deal larger. Better batteries that contain more energy and last longer are being developed.
Car producers and scientists are constantly rising up with different manners to fuel our vehicles in a better, more environmentally friendly direction. The production of the electric car is an exciting one that is being embraced by more and more individuals every year.

Diesel Fuel Alternative

Numerous vehicles go on diesel fuel, but with the raising campaign toward environmentally better fuels for vehicles, do diesel vehicle owners have any choice other than diesel engine fuel? Yes they do! Its called bio-diesel and it is making a huge splash in the fuel industry.


Bio-diesel is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel, made from domestic, renewable resources. Bio-diesel contains zero petroleum, but it can be blended at whatsoever point with petroleum diesel to create a bio-diesel blend. It can be practiced in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with tiny or no modifications. Bio-diesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulphur and aromatics.

Bio-diesel fuel is made from any fat or oil such as soya bean oil as an alternative to petroleum-based fuel, over a refinery operation called trans-esterification. This process is a reaction of the oil with an alcohol to remove the glycerin, which is a byproduct of biodiesel production.

Fuel-grade bio-diesel as an alternative fuel must be produced to exact industry specifications in order to guarantee proper performance. Bio-diesel is the single alternative fuel to have fully completed the health effects testing requirements of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

Bio-diesel fuel that matches the industry specifications for an alternative fuel is legally registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a legitimate motor fuel for sale and distribution. Raw vegetable oil cannot meet bio-diesel fuel specifications, it is not certified with the EPA, and it is not a legal motor fuel.

Growing for Bio-Diesel

Bio-diesel is the unique alternative fuel to have fully completed the health effects testing demands of the Clean Air Act. The usage of bio-diesel in a customary diesel engine leads in reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide gas, and particulate matter equated to discharges from diesel fuel. In addition, the exhaust emissions of sulfur oxides and sulfates (major ingredients of acid rain) from bio-diesel are essentially eliminated compared to standard diesel fuel.

Some of the leading exhaust fumes pollutants, both unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are ozone or smog making precursors. The apply of bio-diesel as an alternative fuel outcomes in a substantial reducing of unburned hydrocarbons. Expelling of nitrogen oxides are either slightly reduced or slightly raised depending on the duty cycle of the engine and testing methods used.
The usage of bio-diesel fuel as an alternative to petroleum based fuel is genuinely a footstep in the right direction when it comes to whatsoever environmental as well as monetary concerns. It is less hazardous, burns cleaner, and easy to make. Its a real discovery for those who practice diesel fuel and a real alternative to regular diesel fuel.

Alternative Fuel Hummer

Ever since the military permitted the figure of the Hummer to be constructed unexclusive, people have gone crazy over its design. General Motors gained the brand name and selling rights of the Hummer and straightaway that alternative fuels have begun to rise in popularity, they are as well starting to create an alternative fuel Hummer.

A bio-diesel H1 Hummer

Classically, the Hummer has been representing a non-favorite vehicle for environmentalists because it makes awful fuel consumption rate and practices more petrol than a normal vehicle. Thats why it made sense for someone to come up the pattern for an alternative fuel Hummer that would be easy on the environment as well as the drivers pocketbook.

There is a pioneer in the green movement to create a Hummer that could work on alternative fuels. His name is Tom Holm and he is with the non-profit organization Eco-Trek Organization who promotes cleaner air by utilising cars that burn alternative fuels instead of gas. He decided that he was tired of his gasoline gulping Hummer and wanted to make it more environmentally friendly considering his connection with Eco-Trek. So he began to build an alternative fuel Hummer. And he succeeded.

He now sells alternative fuel Hummers that have shown to be very favourite and selling at a really rapid rate. He tricks out his vehicles and creates them visually appealing as well. He is highly looked upon particularly among the youngish crowd who wish an environmentally healthy vehicle that appears stylish and can go on alternative fuel that would be Toms Hummers.


His alternative fuel Hummers move on bio-diesel made from soya beans and corn. They use less petroleum than a hybrid car and are able of operating exclusively on vegetable oil only. Thats correct, you can run one of his alternative fuel Hummers on Crisco! This alternative fuel hummer may be the biggest thing on the road, but it doesn’t practice one drop of petroleum and drives 23 miles per gallon.

Celebrities are big lovers of these alternative fuel Hummers including California governor Arnold Schwarzneggar who has got two Hummers that work on bio-diesel. He recently got one of his Hummers altered to go on hydrogen as well which emits absolutely no greenhouse gas which, of course, is wonderful for the environment.

If you love the look of a Hummer just desire one that runs on alternative fuel, fear not. The product is out there to purchase ready made or you can purchase one changed into an eco-friendly vehicle. Keep in mind it will cost you some money, but when you think what you are doing for our planet, having and driving an alternative fuel Hummer can be well worth the price!