Fuel Cell Wheelchairs

Fuel cell technology is being evolved at an alarming rate that will provide power to all sorts of energy applying products and wheelchairs are among those products. In that respect is already a fuel cell wheelchair on the market that gathers its power from hydrogen converting fuel cells rather than a ordinary, traditional battery.

Standard batteries just eventually run out of juice. Fuel cells reload and regenerate themselves establishing them an everlasting power source. By powering a wheelchair with fuel cells, you are doing a favor to the environment as well as reducing the price of running a wheelchair for those who need it.


One of the prototypes for a fuel cell wheelchair is named the MIO. This fuel cell wheelchair has got a fuel cell that uses methanol as a fuel source to generate hydrogen and therefore electricity. The gasoline tank carries approximately four gallons of methanol which is sufficient to provide the MIO with a range of roughly twenty-five miles!

There’s as well an LCD display showing the fuel level as well as power sources. Consequently, unlike wheelchairs that rely only on a charged battery, the fuel cell wheelchair deals the users fear of being isolated away from home with a dead battery in their motorized wheelchair. A big capacity Li-ion substitute battery plays as a storage for the electricity generated and a back-up root of power.

The MIO has got a modern design in its fuel cell wheelchair that will appeal to wheelchair users. It has got armrests that double as safety barriers. There are also ergonomic handlebars that necessitate minimal effort even on full lock along with a seat that has a mesh-type fabric for superb aeration and better springing.

Fuel cell wheelchairs are exactly as unhazardous as operating on a traditional battery powered wheelchair, thus users need not worry. The great part is that the energy is self-generating therefore the power will be there after a small rest. Fuel cell technology has come a long way since its basic inception. It simply follows that it will get into the diverse transportation markets and that includes wheelchairs!

Some big companies have started entering the fuel cell wheelchair market. As technologies emerge, we think that this will quickly grow the wheelchair of select among people who utilize wheelchairs. They are unhazardous, cost-effective, good looking, and easy-to-use. Fuel cell wheelchairs join the green movement as we all effort to keep our Earth safe and sound and forbid further destruction from chemical substances that meet our transportation needs.

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