Use of An Air Quality Monitoring

Ontario habits a system called the Air Quality Index or AQI as an air quality supervise for the air in the Ontario province of Canada. Lower ratings stands for better air quality.

The Ministry of the environment practices data collected by its air monitoring stations around the province to report an AQI for many of the communities within the state of Ontario. These AQI reports are both reported to media news services along with being sent on the Ministry’s internet site hourly.


The Ministry of the Environment supervises and includes in the AQI what they consider the six essential pollutants. The 6 key pollutants monitored are sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, the total reduced sulfur compounds, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter. These six pollutants were chosen for their adverse effect on man and the environment.

A computer at the accepts the information picked up by their web of supervising posts around the state. The particular date is then equated to criteria determined for every last of the six supervised pollutants. These standards are prepared scientifically and regularly updated. The standards define the maximal risk-free level of the specific pollutant. If the level is more higher than the ordinary, the pollutant will have large and undesirable consequences on both the environment and humans.

The data collected is then exchanged into figures ranging from 0-15 (very good) to 100 plus (very bad) for the AQI scale. The citizens of the Ontario state in Canada can use the AQI scale to plan their outside activities daily.

By the evaluation scale on the AQI people of Ontario will know how to plan their everyday outside activities. If the AQI is between 0 and 15, they will know that there are no air quality reasons to stay away from alfresco activities. As the numbers grow on the AQI reports the citizens will know if there are any important health causes to plan their activities indoors.

The Ministry of the Environment has taken the obligation of informing the citizens of the Ontario state in Canada of the air quality in and close to the miscellaneous communities within the province. By taking this responsibility, the Ministry of the Environment has the health of all the individuals within the province participating in or planning to take part in open-air activities in their hands.

If the information gathered by the computer at the Ministry of the Environment from the places in and around Ontario is not accurate then the AQI scale reported by the Ministry will not be accurate. This inaccuracy would lay the health of thousands of Canadian citizens at hazard.

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