Air Quality Improvements Are A Necessity For Better Living

Air quality meliorations are significant to everyone in the year of 2008 and beyond. With the progress of science and industry, we are whatsoever polluting the atmosphere at a higher rate than ever before along with shaping up our technologies for limiting the pollution in which we add to the atmosphere.


We are doing everything we can to advance our power for air quality improvements on all fronts. Our environments health is of the most dominating of priorities to aid in our quality of life. This takes on but is not limited to all of the following: our drinking water, the ground on which we grow our fresh produce, the air of which we respire, our clime and atmospherical weather conditions. The oil and natural gas industries have taken the responsibility of finding brand-new and righter ways to provide their fuel products without hurting the environment in any way.

The workers of the oil and natural gas industries give us the products and the fuel that help to force the economy we live in. Manufactories, business organisations and the vehicles used to transfer products to the terminal user are powered by the oil and natural gas industries which both directly and indirectly produce millions of jobs around the globe. Because of control methods for air quality meliorations have been created over science and technology the oil and natural industries are showing better care for the environment as their industries upgrade and develop into the future.

Air quality betterments are getting more noticeable across the United States of America every last day corresponding to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Combustion is the chief source for powering our vehicles, generation of electricity, factories and the great power equipment we practice around our homes daily. Burning is a major contributor of smog, soot and smoke, which have all cut down in important levels since the passing of the Clean Air Act of 1970. Air emissions from all of the contributory sources such as residential use, transportation, power stations and manufacturing have minimized by 29 pct since 1970.

The oil and natural gas manufactures are leaders in air quality improvements. Think about all of the autos, trucks, autobuses and motorcycles you see in a day taking Americans and the products they use to and from the places, they require and want to go! On that point are 70 million more drivers today than there were in 1970 when the Clean Air Act of 1970 was passed. These 70 million more drivers drive an average of 143 pct more miles every year than in 1970. Even with this huge increase of drivers and miles driven each year there has been a 41 percent cut down in vehicle emissions to help in air quality improvements.

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